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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exercise is bad for you.... surely!

Babies... I love them but they are no good for your figure!

y youngest little darling is six months old and i'm still working my butt off trying to get back into shape. I joined a boxersize class and had my first torture session last night. Actually i secretly enjoyed myself i just love having a good moa
n. My muscles are sore and i'm so tired i can hardly see this keyboard but i feel thinner already!

I don't want to be a size zero but i wouldn't mind looking like Bridget Bardot.... the first picture that is!
Busy Bees!

I was watching a program the other night that said you should have at least an hour to yourself every day, 'me time' to relax!!! I thought, i'm lucky if i get that a week. It's amazing how the hours disapear when you log on to facebook or Etsy. It's like entering a timewarp. A conversation with someone in a chat room can take 30 minutes whereas in real life it would be over in seconds. We have been quite productive in the workroom too this week though. Ken has kept the Etsy creations going whilst i have been forfilling commission orders.

Pandora, Pandora, Pandora!!
We have just been asked to make some charms for a pandora bracelet. I had never heard of them before now but the more i research them the more i realise just how massive a business it is!! Whoever dreamed up the idea of this modern take on a charm bracelet is a pure genious! Not that i like them particularly but they are a clever idea that keeps people buying.

An Aladins Cave for Adults......

came across an intriuging shop on Etsy this week. The name grabbed me first which i guess means it a very clever name! 'Adult Indulgences'. A great start huh? Once you look inside you find a world of herbs and spices. I'd never thought of food as a gift before but the gift boxes in the shop are beautiful and there is flavours to suit everyone!

In their own words!

We believe that food should be an adventure, even if it doesn't cost a fortune or isn't eaten at the most expensive restaurant. Food is like love--it should be shared, savored, and explored. Our one ounce packets allow everyone to experience the spices of the world and to share that experience with friends and family. Our custom spice blends make fantastic gifts for the experienced gourmand or the beginning cook. All Adult Indulgences spice blends come with recipe cards that we use in our own kitchens. Gift sets also include a surprise gift!


  1. Your metal work jewelry is simply gorgeous, takes my breath away.
    I totally enjoyed this blog post, it was like going to a smorgasbord of desserts and getting a little bit of several different yummys. :)
    Saw your etsy forums thread on blogs, glad I did 'cause your blog is great and I am now a new follower.

  2. nice post and your work is lovely!

  3. Yes, I certainly think you should aim for the first photograph. haha. I've been meaning to lay back and tell myself to relax. I don't have a child but I still feel overly stressed this month. Have fun with your new exercise class!

  4. Relaxation? What's that? Enjoyed your post, and thanks for the tip about the adult food shop!

  5. Claire, if you walk up and down High St a couple of times a day with the buggy and the baby on your back it will be as good as any exercise class for you. Your work is lovely.