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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There isn't as much time in the world as i thought!!

do believe i have come to a point in my life where i need an extra day in my life. Between two small children a nearly full time career and our jewellery making 'hobby' which has turned into another nearly full time career and the usual life things that you have to do but take up a lot of time like eating....sleeping...etc life has gotten out of control. I remember the good old days as a student when i could stay in bed or in a pub all day if i wanted but now.... well i guess i don't want that and i enjoy my life being out of control.... i just wish we could afford a cleaner to control that side of things as i didn't factor that in time wise!

Snow comes to Stradbally

never get snow in Stradbally due to it's proximity to the sea. I've been here ten years and have never seen it lie on the ground. During the cold snap over the last three weeks we had one glorious day where it snowed from morning till night and to make things even better it was a sunday so no work and we all got to make the most of it. Conor (our two year old) made his first snowman and Ken was out having snowball fights....two big kids! I got to put the carrot on though. As Conor came inside for his dinner he said 'see you later snowman'!! Little did he know his new pal would be just a hat, scarf and carrot the next time he saw him.... Bless!

Stay away from our snowman!!

Delights we found on Etsy this week..

Even with life so busy i still got time to browse through Etsy this week and found a wonderful little shop called

he create the most wonderful things. Beanies, bags and my favorite a blanket made from recycled Jeans!

BlueJeanBlanketsPlus has a givaway on a the moment too. To win a free tote bag click on this link...
Hope you like her shop as much as i do!

Ps... The bride seems to have gone AWOL.


  1. What a cute snowman! And that blanket is great! I'll be checking back here :]

  2. hey kiddo your features still up cuz other gal hasn't followed up
    your blog is so pretty

  3. it's up( to be continued) you never said would you like your etsymini on this blog?( the other one?) If so I think your jewelry would be set off so nice on the black blog background just convo me from etsy if u want it up there, there is a bit of traffic in there. and as you see I have none of those google ads muss it up.

  4. thank you
    I am flattered
    I havent decided where to pick up next.
    I'm thinking
    I jusst feel like I have so much to say I do not know where to start
    I'm adding your link just in case people stop by and feel clicky u r a true friend. What is a good phrase from the Irish for true friend?

  5. I put u on facebook too!