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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Has anyone had their swine flu jab yet? Ken, Conor (our two year old) and me all got ours the other day. I have hardly been able to move my arm since. Getting no sympathy at home though so if anyone's got any to spare send it my way!
I haven't heard much about it on the news lately. Does anyone know anyone who has actually had it! I thought a pandemic might have reached the outer limits of our tiny village but Stradbally seems to have an immunity blanket wrapped around it. I'm not complaining i just want to know did i get a dead arm for nothing?

Can you see the blanket?

Wedding Jewellery

We've been asked to create some pieces for a wedding that's on in England on St Patricks day. We love getting commissions of course but wedding ones are always that little bit stressful! I guess a lot of it depends on the bride and we're lucky that this one is the most laid back bride i think I've ever met.
Being Irish she's ordered a couple of pairs or our Hurley cuff links

A Must have for an Irish Wedding!

She's not going for the traditional dress though, it's scarlet with sequins and diamante bling. The necklace and earring designs have been left in our hands so we'll keep you posted and post photo's of the finished product.
Wish us luck!


  1. Your work is exceptional.... great jewellery.... I am a fan...