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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bleedin Tea Leafs!!

Hi everyone,
We're busy bees at the moment. We have a 12 day craft market coming up for christmas and need to drastically build up our stock for it. At the moment we probably have enough for two days...Panic!! Whenever we seem to be building it up we have a busy weekend at the farmers markets and we're back to square one!
We shouldn't complain, a sale is always nice however it happens. These are the pros and cons of the market.
One major con is that you are outside, open to the elements... and the thieves. Yes we had our first theft on saturday. They must have been either very good at what they do or very small because we never saw a thing! We shall have to get CCTV on our gazebo!
Anyway, it's a lesson learned and we'll be ready for them next time!

On a happier note we have made some pieces this week that we're pretty happy with. Maybe anger breeds creativity. Heres a couple of pictures that we promised.

This one is a simple clean elegant and abstract shape. Someone said to me it reminded them of a seagull??? I guess i can sort of see wher they were coming from but it wasn't meant to be anything, just a nice shape that will sit nicely at the collar bone. It's sterling silver with a fine silver chain.

This is a rustic style piece that looks great with a wee black number or pretty cool with every day jeans. It is beaten sterling silver circles, linked together on a thick silver chain.

I just love this colour stone! It's called 'Brown Goldstone' although it looks a bit pink in this picture. The stones are set on a saw pierced backing and have a nice dangle.

A chunky pendant, with a slight curve that was beaten in and a large 'poppy jasper' stone.

This is one of our mixed metal pieces. I love silver and copper together and this is swaged silver sheet with swaged copper sheet, facing opposite ways. The three panels are separated by silver tubing.

Anyway thats it for now, i've had a rant and we have shown you our new pieces. Hope you like them. Feels free to leave you coments and talk soon,
Ken and Claire

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our First Blog

Hello people,
This is our first ever blog. Yesterday we didnt even know what a blog was. We are just not 'down with the kids'!

A bit about ourselves.
We (ken and claire) are husband and wife. We live in Stradbally, a small coastal village in Waterford, South East Ireland. We have 2 young boys, Conor who is nearly 2 and Cian who is 13 weeks.
We have started a small business, handcrafting silver jewellery and selling at craft/farmers markets throughout Ireland. Things are going well so far but we are hoping to branch out into internet selling and maybe get some pieces into shops.

Both of us have our own ideas and when we put our heads together it creates quite a unique style of jewellery.

We will be keeping you posted on the ups and downs of whats going on in our business and putting up plenty of images so you can check out our stuff.
Have a look at our website
We will soon have a shop on so we will let you know about that.

Talk soon
Ken and Claire