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Thursday, March 4, 2010

A quiet time of year..... Not!

The family....

s i write this blog, trying to concentrate, despite a severe lack of sleep over the last two weeks, my two year old is desperately trying to burst my eardrums! It's amazing how as a mother you develop the ability to shut down many of your faculties to concentrate on the ones you need most at the time. Our house has been full of sickness for what seems like forever..... It has thrown any routine we had managed to mould with our children out of the window. We're now back to square one, little sleep, refusing to use a potty, picky with food and so on and so on.... You get the picture.

The day job....

never mentioned the dreaded day job before but both Ken and me have one. It would be very hard to make a living otherwise, especially in this climate. I actually make teeth for a living, metal, porcelain and acrylic. It's very similar to jewellery making and many of the tools and techniques cross over. The dream is to some day be able to make a living out of our jewellery but that day is in the distant future. Ken is a filmmaker, mainly working with youth and community groups. His job is far more exciting than mine! I shouldn't complain though as so many people are looking for work at the moment in Ireland.

The dream....

The farmers market we attend every Saturday in Waterford city has been very quiet the last couple of months. To be expected after Christmas i guess and the god awful weather hasn't helped. Poor Ken can't get enough thermal layers on him standing at the stall all day! I should really take my turn soon but i have been sick, running out of excuses now though! Despite the quiet market and our new Etsy shop being off to a slow start we do seem to be extremely busy. We have just finished making jewellery for a wedding (mentioned in a previous blog). Sent that off on Tuesday so we're still waiting to hear from the bride with her approval. With her permission we'll post the pics up here after the wedding has taken place of course. Now we have another three commissions to fulfill. One for a present for a newborn and two that are to be along the same lines as our large silver torque, featured in this picture.

So it's busy, busy, busy....

The diet and exercise.....

oo, is that the time? Must dash!


  1. Glad to read your blog. I have a new Etsy shop since October and it's slow going getting sales generated. I think October was a disaster of a time to get started, but I have high hopes for the next few months to pick up....Kerryfelter

  2. nice to see u again with your new ways of presentation........welcome back

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